Scaled down, this balcony’s style can work in lots of spaces. Instead of a grand fireplace, a cozy chiminea. Two large tables can become two petite garden stools. And work with the furniture you have, adding purple accents. If you have the framework, how cute would outdoor curtains with tassels and pompoms be? 

Love the suggestion of adding black or dark grey. Our color of the week, Behr Evening Hush, is a perfect accent.


An All (or Mostly) White Interior: 5 Ways to Make It Work:

One of our favorite things about traveling is being inspired by local architecture. Take this windy staircase. The colors of the brick, the industrial nature of the banister, and even the pattern in the ceiling are all things that can be incorporated in areas of the home.

Image via Seler+Seler on Flickr

Color of the Week: Behr Evening Hush

We’re inspired by the dark hues that span the sky in Autumn evenings, and love the moody look incorporated into interiors. Dark yet serene, it’s an ideal color for an accent wall, trim, or even an entire room. 

Loving the inspiration images above? A sample of Behr Evening Hush is about $3 with free shipping.

See how it looks with the caramels and coppers in our Autumn Sidewalk palette.

Let’s talk about closet organization for a second. 

What doesn’t work: heaps of shoes on the floor, sweaters crammed into the top shelf and zero order when it comes to hanging clothes.

What does work: Off-season clothes tucked in clear storage (bonus points if seasons are organized by storage lid colors), shelf space for accessories, and double rods for hanging twice as many clothes, which are stored by type, then color.

You don’t have to have an enormous closet to make it functional.

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Built ins and pattern create a bold nook with tons of storage, perfect for an office. Mix patterns in a small space, but try to find a unifying color that makes it cohesive.